Gladinet: Secure On-premise Collaboration Expert

Franklyn Peart, COO
With the increasing competition and customer pressure, enterprises are plunging into cloud to reduce cost, and manage business efficiently. However, most of the organizations often face difficulty to mi -grate from legacy to on-premise system. Founded with an idea to migrate legacy data to the storage vendor's cloud storage service, Gladinet, a software company, provides an enterprise file sync and share platform that can be deployed on-premise. “We enhance productivity for mobile workers who collaborate across multiple devices, such as smartphones and tablets, while allowing IT professionals to secure enterprise information assets with a solution that is completely self-hosted and under their control,” says Franklyn Peart, COO, Gladinet.

Gladinet creates a bridge between on-premise software and cloud storage. In addition to public cloud storage, Gladinet’s solution can be integrated with private clouds or even on-premise storage hardware. The solution suite includes clients for desktops, file servers, mobile devices, and web browsers. It also allows customers to self-host or just use the Gladinet hosted version which leverages HP HelionPublic Cloud Object Storage for synchronization, sharing, and backup.

The Gladinet platform is available in three editions: Team, Enterprise, and Service Provider. The Team Edition allows an organization to provide simple, secure access to HP HelionCloud Object Storage for all their backup, synchronization, and collaboration needs. Gladinet Cloud Enterprise Edition provides the same features as the Team Edition, but adds the ability to self-host and integrate with local infrastructure like Active Directory or HP HelionOpenStack Swift. The Service Provider Edition is a brandable, multi-tenant version of the Enterprise Edition.

The Gladinet hosted version of the solution seamlessly integrates with existing local storage to create a hybrid cloud that can be centrally managed with unified access. “Leveraging the HP Cloud services infrastructure for the Gladinet Cloud Team Edition provides the capabilities that customers need,” states Peart, an adherent tech-pro and a trailblazer in cloud computing.

Peart further explains, “For example, attaching a local file share to HP HelionCloud Object Storage and publishing its content to users, while centrally managing access controls through a web browser, highlights some of the benefits of our hybrid approach.

Leveraging the HP Cloud services infrastructure for the Gladinet Cloud Team Edition provides the capabilities that customers need

We unify access to the file share through drives on user desktops, network file shares, web browsers, and mobile devices. In this scenario, the file share remains synchronized with the cloud storage, regardless of where changes occur. As an added benefit, the data remains accessible even when internet connectivity is lost because we maintain a local copy.” The ability to seamlessly replace traditional backup methods with cloud storage provides another example of the utility of Gladinet’s unified approach. In this case, a third party backup application can send data to the cloud through the existing file system interfaces, making the cloud migration completely transparent to the application. “The HP HelionPublic Cloud offers scalable, reliable online storage with its open source-based architecture. It has enabled Gladinet’s hybrid cloud access solution to seamlessly bridge the gap between on-premise software and cloud storage, which results in simplified cloud migration for small and medium sized businesses,” states Peart.

Gladinet differentiates itself with its easy-to-install solutions and advanced technologies. “We have a strong team that is agile and sensitive to our customer’s needs. These customers also appreciate the flexibility of our platform, their ability to influence our roadmap, and our unique technologies,” claims Peart. “But most importantly, we focus on solving real problems for real people. We build relationships with people, not companies,” adds Peart.

Forging ahead, Gladinet plans to assist its customers manage their data. The company also has announced the release of white labeled clients for mobile platforms like iOS and Android.


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Franklyn Peart, COO

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